Owner | Strength Coach | Accredited Sports Nutritionist

Crystal, our multifaceted expert, is deeply committed to fostering long-term transformations for her clients. With an extensive background in the health and fitness realm, she has honed her skills to empower individuals in cultivating enduring lifestyles, which revolve around the pillars of quality movement, nutrition, mindset, and daily practices.

Crystal's approach is characterised by a client-centred philosophy, recognising the unique needs and aspirations of each individual. She collaborates closely with her clients to thoroughly assess their present circumstances and craft tailored strategies designed to bring their desired outcomes to fruition.

Furthermore, alongside her notable professional credentials, Crystal imparts her coaching with a nurturing and encouraging disposition, offering steadfast support. She firmly holds that sustainable transformation extends beyond mere knowledge, emphasising the importance of establishing deep connections and igniting unwavering motivation in every client under her guidance.


Owner | Head Strength Coach | Physiotherapist

The perfect combination of experience and education, Patrick brings a decade of experience competing in powerlifting, where he has accumulated multiple accolades including National, World, and All Time records. Paired with an insatiable passion for movement and a profound desire to improve people's lives through exercise.

Patrick made a career shift in 2020 from working as a registered nurse to pursue further tertiary education. This dedication to learning culminated in the completion of a Master of Physiotherapy in 2023, further enriching his knowledge and skills.

Patrick has consistently yielded impressive results as a strength coach, using exercise to free clients from discomfort by empowering them to master movement and body control. As well as demonstrating great success with his online coaching team, guiding athletes across the spectrum from aspiring novices to elite athletes competing on the world stage.

Qualifications -
Bachelor of Nursing
Master of Physiotherapy (Graduate Entry)