Is your facility covid-19 compliant?

Yes. A copy of our COVID-SAFE PLAN is available on site.

Included in the measures we are taking to keep you safe are:

  • Keeping a record of attendance for all indoor class based activities.
  • Encouraging clients to maintain the physical distancing principle of at least 1.5 metres separation, where possible.
  • Displaying signage at the venue to instruct members not to enter if they are unwell or have COVID-19 symptoms.


  • We are conducting frequent environmental cleaning and disinfection especially of touch-points.
  • We are providing hand sanitiser on entry and exit of the premises.
  • We have installed signage on hand hygiene and cough etiquette.
  • Communal showers are currently closed.
  • Members have been asked to bring their own clean towels/mats.
  • Facilities for wiping down/disinfecting equipment between users is provided.

How many Hybrid sessions do I get for $49?

All of them.

However, depending on what level you are at when you first start, we will make a plan with you to make sure you don’t overdo it at the beginning.

We usually take the slow and steady approach. It seems to work better at achieving long term results.

Are the Barbell sessions included in the Hybrid price?

The Barbell membership is a separate service from the Hybrid membership as indicated by the details on the Services page.

As a Barbell member you get access to both Barbell and Hybrid.

As a Hybrid member you only have access to the Hybrid timetable.

I have an injury. Should I start now, or when I'm better?

Now. We love puzzles.

If you’re feeling a bit beat up, there is a good chance that there is some level of dysfunction in your body that needs to be addressed. You’re not broken, we just need to work out what’s causing the pain.

Many of our clients come to us with injuries as we are known for our ability to assist clients with their recovery. Some of the most common injuries that we work with are of the shoulder, back, hips and knees.

We have a long list of testimonials from happy clients that can now move pain free. Don’t wait.

I don't like investing in myself. Do you have a cheaper service?

We hear this all the time from people that:

  • feel guilty for spending on themselves, when they could be spending on their children
  • have tried and failed diets and training programs in the past
  • have no confidence
  • are looking for a quick fix because they still believe it’s possible

We value the work that we do.

It is your job to value yourself enough to commit to working on you.

Interestingly, most clients that start working with us become more confident and feel silly for not putting themselves first for so long.

I want to lose weight, but I'm unfit.

We’ve met a lot of people over the years!

Many have said they would wait to get fit before they joined.

It’s actually the most ridiculous thing we’ve ever heard.

If you start moving and training with us you will get all the support and motivation you need to actually get fit.

Check yo’self.

I know what I'm supposed to do, but can't seem to do it.

Accountability is an important part of being in great shape.

Some people are good at doing this on their own, other people are not.

If you can’t stick to things, pay someone to keep you accountable.

Our preference is that you pick us. We love new clients and have a great retention rate. It’s probably because we’re so fun to hang out with or maybe it’s because we help our clients achieve great results. That they keep. Either or, I’m not really sure to be honest 😉

I can't train with you because you're heaps far away, can I train online if I am a newbie?

Yes, we’ve helped plenty of new people achieve great results.

You need to be committed, take videos of your training and communicate with us frequently so we know you’re ok and we can send you feedback.

We also love cute dog videos. Send us those too.

Do you have a bathroom/shower?

Sure do.

Do you have a childcare facility?


We want you to come to our facility and focus on YOU.

If you need to occasionally bring your kid, that’s also cool, just let us know.

If they have to come, we like them to sit in one spot though.

You know, health and safety reasons.

We don’t want them to get hit in the face with a kettlebell. That’s not a fun time for anyone.

Your timetable doesn't suit me, can you do another time?

You might be interested in personal training, get in touch with us.

I'm new to training and intimidated by gyms, are you like other gyms?

We’re not like other gyms.

We don’t have mirrors.

We don’t have meathead members (well, there’s some big powerlifters but they’re harmless).

We know everyone by name.

We have a great community that welcomes all people.

My GP said I shouldn't train, what should I do?

I’m sure your GP has their reason. Let’s talk about it first and see if we can understand why they’ve suggested it, perhaps you might need some help with your nutrition to lose a few kilos and get that blood pressure down before you start a fitness program.

Do you do free Barbell sessions?

No, you can get a trial of our Hybrid membership but Barbell has personalised programs for each member, therefore it isn’t something you can just join in and do.

If you must ‘try’ our Barbell membership before you buy, please book in a one to one PT session and you’ll get a better understanding of what we mean.

I'm unsure about committing, can I get a trial and is there a contract?

We offer a [FREE] 7 day pass for our Hybrid membership.

Can I just come train without supervision or attending a class? I'm somewhat of an expert!

Nope. We’re a private training facility.
We need to know you and your skill level before we let you come in unsupervised.