Established in 2015, Strength Lab HQ is a semi-private training facility in Adelaide’s North East.

At the centre of our holistic coaching method is a unique focus on strength and movement quality, coupled with a highly individualised and performance orientated nutrition protocol.

Our goal is to provide you with the skills and education you need to turn transforming your body and developing your strongest self into a lifestyle you can do 365 days a year – moving better and feeling better.

Because ultimately, we want you to live better.



Elite level powerlifter, qualified personal trainer and metabolic nutrition coach
Her passion is educating women on how to create long-term transformations, focusing on health, energy and strength.
Her expertise is in educating clients on how to install a sustainable lifestyle, focusing on quality movement, nutrition, mindset and daily practises, based on where the client is currently at.


Strength Coach
With a background as a registered nurse and competing at the highest level of powerlifting in Australia and the world, Patrick brings a unique approach to coaching.
His obsession with movement and desire to help people has lead him to change careers from nursing to pursue further tertiary education.
He has demonstrated and repeatable results with getting clients out of pain by teaching them how to move and control their bodies.
Patrick is the head coach of the Strength Lab Powerlifting team, with athletes experience ranging from novice to elite.